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6th Grade

6th Grade Beginning of School/Resources:

6th Grade Syllabus   (17-18)

2017-18 Newberg School District NGSS Grade 6 Science Standards

Blank Cornell Notes (No lines)

6th Grade Unit Outlines 2017-18


Life Science

Cells -Cell Structure and Function (Cell book)

U1L4& U1L1 Levels of Organization/ Intro to Body Systems (Cell book for Levels of Org), (Human body book )

Engineering, Technology, and the Application of  Science

Human Body Lego Engineering Design NGSS

Nervous System(Human Body Book)

Plant Processes-Asexual/ Sexual Reproduction Plant/Animal Behavior and Adaptations-(Photo copied pages-Diversity Book)

Scientific Inquiry

Reaction Time /  Inquiry

Life Science

Asexual/ Sexual and Heredity(cell book)

Punnet Squares(cell book)


Physical Science

heat transfer 2

Energy Transfer –(Matter and Energy book)

Earth Science

Water Cycle (Water and Atmosphere Book)

Scientific Inquiry

Air Temperature/ Work Sample Inquiry

Earth Science

Currents, Atmosphere & Wind-U2L3 ,U3L1&3 (Water and Atmosphere Book)

 Reducing the Impacts of Nurseries/Agriculture on the Environment    

                             global winds

Hot Air Balloon Engineering Design- 6th Science











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